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Dj Milano – Feel It Tonight

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Belgian „Dj Milano“ started developing his dj skills by purchasing cd’s on his 14th. It didn’t took so long before he bought his own dj booth @ home. His family knew immediately that he wanted to go further as a DJ! A few years later he could show his skills @ a café in Antwerp.

He got 2 know the right people and off took off. Later on he got some guest sets @ local party’s and clubs. Today Milano is no longer an unknown DJ.

He’s one of Belgiums fastest upcoming dj’s & performed at several mainstages like Beachland, Legacy Festival, Big Bounce Festival, Afterwork Festival, See & Dance… Guest sets @ Tomorrowland, Sunrise Festival, Luna Festa….. Clubs like Noxx, Ikon, La Rocca, Café Local, Volmolen, Reflex… Genres: commercial dance, latin-house, club, R&B, reggeaton, retro, 80’s-90’s … Milano’s slogan is: „Music is the answer“. With „Feel It Tonight“ Dj Milano delivers his 4th single, this time with an Official Music Video! Play it loud!!

Dj Milano – Feel It Tonight (Official Music Video) (4K)

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