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Earsquaker – Gonger

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♦ Earsquaker – Gonger (Hardstyle) | Official Music Videoclip ♦

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Label: http://facebook.com/Metrophonic.Resistance

Earsquaker – Gonger [Official Musicvideo]

Special thanks to the film team:

Production, camera, editing, and effects: Nils Burmeister
Main actress: Solveigh Heyn
Main actor: Till Kroll
Dancers: Jenni Thamm and Sven Schneider

The legend awakens:
If a sailor dies at sea, he comes back as a Gonger to bring word about his death.
For this, he comes out of the sea at night with wet clothes (the ones he was wearing at the time of his death).
He then visits the house of his descendants. Here he turns off the light, lies down on the blanket of a sleeper, and leaves a trail of saltwater.
He does this until people remember him and his death.
Since this story is so perfect for the visual medium, Earsquaker produced a special elaborate music video with a big team at the North Sea.

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1. Earsquaker – Gonger

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