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Golden Salt – Schindler’s List Main Theme

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Schindler’s List Main Theme by Golden Salt. Instrumental soundtrack composed by John Williams and performed on violin and electric guitar by Golden Salt duo.

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Hello everyone! Thank you for watching the official video of our interpretation of John Williams’ famous theme tune from “Schindler’s List” on violin and electric guitar.
This is a tune that means a lot to us: as you know, this beautiful music is taken from the soundtrack, composed by John Williams, of Steven Spielberg’s homonymous film. The story told in the film, that is taken from the book by Thomas Keneally, is the true story of Oscar Schindler, the German who saved twelve hundred people who would otherwise certainly have died in Auschwitz. Remembering the victims of the Holocaust is a way for us to remember the depths to which human behaviour can go, and how important it is for us all to act together to ensure that cruelties of this or a similar nature can never occur again. This passage also reminds us that lives can be saved, and that it is important to do so. Even today, human rights are still violated. People are discriminated against, insulted, threatened, mistreated, and sometimes killed. Music, with its universal language, offers a great means to unite and all together condemn these discriminatory behaviours that bring only violence and suffering.

We have enormous esteem for the survivors of the Shoah who have found the strength to testify, even when the world was not yet willing to listen to the atrocities it was capable of. At the end of the video Ari is left alone. Solitude is a condition that often adds to an already difficult situation. Being alone in such dramatic moments as these brings the suffering to an often insurmountable apex. We must never forget, so it never happens again.
May International Holocaust Remembrance Day be the symbol of the fight against the violation of human rights that must be carried out every day of the year. We must all fight, both internally and politically, until even the last racist, homophobic, and misogynistic thought is eradicated from the very last weak mind on this planet.

Ari & Ele

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Schindler’s List theme – composed by John Williams and performed by Golden Salt duo
Violinist: Arianna Mazzarese.
Guitarist: Eleonora Loi
Mastering by Andres Mayo
© 2021 Golden Salt

Golden Salt Production, all rights reserved
Camera: Ila Little Sheeps
Drone: Greg Mahaz Al Res & Arifly
Make Up: Stefania Ciuffini
Hair Stylist: Cristina Frosecchi

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