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Gromee x Inna – Cool Me Down

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Listen to „Cool Me Down” by Gromee and INNA here 👉 https://GROMEE.lnk.to/CoolMeDown

Music and lyrics:
Moa Hammar, Cassandra Ströberg, Lewis Hughes, Nicholas Audino, Te Whiti Warbrick, Andrzej Gromala

Production House – MOON Films
Director/DOP – Maciej Zdrojewski
Executive Producer – Magda Betlejewska
Production Manager – Piotr Fryta Kornobis
Production Assistant – Monika Mierzejewska
Focus Puller – Adam Jedynak
Gaffer – Mariusz Pieńkoś | Heliograf
Make up Artist – Aleksandra Przyłuska
Stage Hands – Yellowoz | Filip
Camera equipment – ATM

Video – NGM Creative
Production – Loops Productions

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Cause when we get too close
It’s like the room is set on fire (on fire)
We rise through the smoke
Let the tension take us higher

Don’t try to cool me down
Oh na na na
I need another round
Oh na na na

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