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Illuminati Hotties – Pool Hopping

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The official music video for illuminati hotties‘ new single „Pool Hopping“ off of the upcoming album ‚Let Me Do One More‘ available October 1, 2021 on Snack Shack Tracks/Hopeless Records!

Director, Edit & Color – Katie Neuhof
Producer – Dalton Pate
Director of Photography – Dennis Noack
Production Design & Styling – Sean Perreira
Underwater Photography – Joel Deutsch
Choreography – Yara Figueroa

Assistant Director – Julia Newman
First AC – Richard Truman

Gaffer / Key Grip – Alvero Iribas
Production Assistant – Jack Rudman
Production Assistant – Erica Washington


in every life there is a bell
one rounded curve of time or tell
I’m on the left half looking
over, over, over, ah-ha

dipping a toe into the deep end
obtusely waving at a new friend
they said the water’s warm
but I’m not sure if you and I are
over, over, over, so I’m

pool hopping
window shopping
night vision
pool hopping
window shopping
stealth makeout
breakfast takeout

spitting my teeth into their hand
you’re twisted like an ampersand
stuck in the hotel one block
over, over, over, ah-ha
squeezing a melty scoop of ice cream
I let it drip across yr backseat
guess I could wipe it up
but I asked you if maybe you’d pull
over, over, over, now I’m

pool hopping
window shopping
off hours
buzz the tower

pool hopping
window shopping
clean rebound
peanut butter mouth

pool hopping
window shopping
all rip’rs
no more skip’rs

pool hopping
window shopping
so spaced out
breakfast takeout

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Illuminati Hotties - Pool Hopping► Pre-Order illuminati hotties' upcoming album, 'Let Me Do One More': https://smarturl.it/LetMeDoOneMore ► For exclusive illuminati hotties' vinyl and merch: https://smarturl.it/IHmerch --- The official music video for illuminati hotties' new single "Pool Hopping" off of the upcoming album 'Let Me Do One More' available October 1, 2021...