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Mayday Parade – Kids Of Summer

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Mayday Parade’s new single „Kids Of Summer“ is out now. Buy/stream at https://riserecords.lnk.to/MaydayParade

Directed by: Guadalupe Bustos

There’s a time that’s always so fitting
Where the sites and sounds were just the beginning
I didn’t know that years ago I’d find myself in ways that warped my brain
And I knew that everything would be better if we only had more time
But in the moment I found simpler things
Yeah, in the moment I found mine
But it’s a long way down after the other
Twelve long months until I recover
It’s a long way down after the other one
Those days are long gone but we can all pretend our love was so strong
Let’s do it all again and make new scars
We’ll fly into the night like shooting stars
Faster, go faster so we can finally breathe
Turn up the stereo and let us all sing our favorite songs
The ones that keep reminding us that we were the kids of the summer
Those days, I remember them hitting like a tidal wave wrapped up in a pretty little face
Covered me entirely with sun and rain through summer days
And oh, my heart grew bigger back then somehow
I got the feeling I wanted but it’s all gone now
Thought it would last forever inside my chest
Let’s keep it beating together
The summer
It was all ours

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