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Prestan – Jouvert Gyal

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Written By Prestan Andries
Produced By Emerald P
Mixed and Mastered Marlon Jackson
Artwork By A Plus FX

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Prestan - Jouvert Gyal🔔Subscribe for new Music: https://smarturl.it/2021SocaMusic🔔▶Stream Island Essentials🏝️: https://ffm.to/islandessentials.oydWritten By Prestan AndriesProduced By Emerald PMixed and Mastered Marlon JacksonArtwork By A Plus FX Share your feedback; Like/Dislike, Comment + Share!!---------------------------------------------------Follow/Contact info for Email and YouTube Marketing:▶Web | https://julianspromos.com▶ Instagram | https://Instagram.com/Julianspromos▶Julianspromos@gmail.com or 1-718-431-5410 ▶Note: We have permission...