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Skar & Manfree, Marvin X Bobby Solo – Domenica D’Agosto

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SKAR & MANFREE, MARVIN X BOBBY SOLO – Domenica D’Agosto (Official Video) – Out Now.
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It was 1969’s summer, the man just landed on the moon and on the radio continuously passes Bobby Solo’s „Domenica D’Agosto“.
The young Bobby made his debut in ’64 thanks to his vocal skills and his style inspired by the way of making music of the great Elvis Presley.

“Domenica D’Agosto” soon becomes a success and over the years it confirms itself as a timeless catchphrase.

Skar & Manfree in collaboration with Marvin, after reaching 2 million streaming plays and 2 million views on Youtube with “Un Mondo Magico” with the participation of DJ Matrix, they come back with a new dance project, super fresh for summer 2021!

“Domenica d’agosto, che caldo fa…”

Directed by OKEAH
mua Jennifer Capriglia

Very Special thanks to Dalí Lounge Bar & Restaurant and to Davide with all the staff
Special thanks to: Matteo Calzaretta, Nina and the young crew of happy people, Nautica Bego #whynotbego Verbania

Lyrics & Composer: Morandi, Continello
Vocal: Bobby Solo, Marvin
Performed: Skar & Manfree
Arrangement: Nikholas Murphy, Skar & Manfree
Produced by: Nikholas Murphy, Skar & Manfree at Wall Music Studio
“Bobby Solo” Vocal Recordings by Massimo Passon at Master Studio
“Marvin” Vocal Recordings by Marvin at Marvin Studio
Mix e Master by: Simone Ermacora at DÖD Music Studio
Small pub bruschetteria di Marsure Aviano PN

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