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Smash Into Pieces – My Wildest Dream

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The ARCADIA story continues…

Huge thanks to:
The beautiful My Malmström​,
The Amazing DRKN https://drkn.com/pages/smash-into-pieces​ and http://univentum.se​ for making this production possible!

Listen to the track here: https://spoti.fi/3uC7xb3

Season 2. Episode 3.

My Wildest Dream – “VR”

This dual episode tells the story of Chris Adam’s journey in Arcadia. He was captured by S4Y because he wasn’t playing by their rules. But he wasn’t locked up in prison, he was sent to something that’s even harder break out of: A virtual paradise.
After some time of Bangarang-overload, Ghostis had collected all the data he needed and entered the virtual paradise as Chris Adams wildest dream. As Chris Adam realizes he’s sleeping with the enemy, he’s forced to make a choice: Stay in Paradise with Ghostis or return to real life and fight against him.

Quote: If you would enter your own virtual paradise, would you ever return to real life again?

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