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Smash Into Pieces – Real One

The ARCADIA story continues…

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The ARCADIA story continues…

Season 2. Episode 2.


The big bang may not have caused major damage to S4Y, but it drew out their true leader: Ghostis. During his short stage-appearance he announced the launch of the Hybrid-Human Microchip. All it takes is a small injection and in no-time, people will be neurally connected to their own VR-world, gaining access to every piece of online information there is.

As excited citizens stand in line to get the injection, Apoc knows that they have to resist. Is he the only one that understands what this means? It’s S4Y:s next step towards total control of the citizens of Arcadia.

Apoc needs to lead the way to a life in reality before it’s too late. He needs to get his message out so more people can join him. He needs to be the real one!

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