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VioDance – The Orville Main Theme

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Extended version of the music theme from „The Orville“ TV series, remade and covered with violin by VioDance. Original composition of the opening intro by Bruce Broughton.

As always, thanks a lot to our Patrons for all your continuous help! And thanks to everyone that streams/buys/shares/likes our covers and leaves comments in our videos and social media.

All video and audio edition and production made by VioDance, Davor Jelacic & Rebeca „Becky“ Sanchez.

Special thanks for ship 3D models and various textures that we adapted for use in this video, to:
– Ship 3d Model Orville by Belistner:
– Shuttle 3d Model by NT747:
– Shuttle 3d Render by Daniel Korican (Brainbox): /
– Scragnog (MessyDeskInteractive) Shuttlebay:

And last but not least, thanks to Seth MacFarlane for creating this awesome TV series, which hopefully will carry on for many more seasons!

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