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Violet Nine – Grenade

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Violet Nine:

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Directed by Eric DiCarlo / SquareUp Studios
Produced at King Studios by Justin Mitchell



You were the candle to my flame

But the spark had died and withered away

You broke my armor and to this day

I won’t forget you were the grenade

I need a little cure from the disease of you

Don’t know why my mind is stuck this way

I could never be

Well honey, you ain’t for me

Took me 8 long years to finally see.

What I thought was right

I knew all along

You never lit my fuse

Now baby hear me out

have to admit I know I wasn’t perfect yea

I’ve made mistakes

And changed my ways

I’m Never gonna go back to that dark place

Reached inside my heart

To find the battle scars

I knew it all along

I will admit that

I’ve made mistakes

And changed my ways

Never gonna go back to that place

I know I made mistakes

But I tried to change my ways

But when I look into your eyes

You woke me from my nightmare

I’ll never need you again

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